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Living Room Cardiff Love & Forgiveness Retreat
  About love & sex dependency    

Love & Sex: Consider seeking help if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions…

  • Do you neglect responsibilities and commitments such as work, family or health in order to engage in sexual or romantic activity?
  • Do you often think or obsess about sex or romance even if you don’t want to?
  • Do you engage in one-night stands and/or had affairs outside of your primary relationship?
  • Do you have more than one relationship on the go at the same time, or feel you need to continuously be in a relationship?
  • Do you use saunas, massage parlours or pay for sex?
  • Do you masturbate to the point of physical injury or exhaustion and/or in public places including your car?
  • Do you spent hours viewing or obtaining pornography whether the material be in magazines, on the internet, on the television or DVDs?
  • Do you have a stash of pornographic material (whether this takes the form of magazines, DVDs or files on your hard drive)?
  • Do you loose or damage your relationships because of your sexual behaviour?
  • Do you find, or could find yourself in trouble with the police because of your behaviour?

    Call today
    Call today for a confidential chat and professional assessment if you feel you may have a problem with love & sex 029 2049 3895

Alternatively, you may prefer to ring the Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (UK) Helpline number: 07951 815 087 (calls charged at local rate)




Getting the help you need

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