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  Addiction & Recovery Foundation Course    
  Are you currently studying:
Social Work/Care?
Medicine or Nursing?

Want the edge in your future career?

Addiction & Recovery Training Foundation Course

If you are studying a course that is related to health, social care, social work or counselling, recovery coaching can give you that edge.

The course will count towards your degree and is a ten credit module. It is taught over four weekends at The Living Room Cardiff and the University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

For more information visit: www.addictionandrecovery.education


Reaching Out Workshops

What is addiction?
How can addiction be defined?
Why is it?
What causes it?
How do we deal with an addiction?

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In our Reaching Out workshop we host an opportunity  to  investigate some of these  numerous questions and to open the door to the problems of addiction.

Addiction is a complex and confusing condition.  For members of the community who have no experience in the treatment of addiction, reaching out to those who are desperate for help can be a daunting prospect, largely due to the fear that through a lack of knowledge, one might inadvertently make the situation worse.

 Reaching Out will equip and inspire you to help those in your congregations, families and communities, who need to come to terms with the ever-increasing tide of alcohol, substance misuse and other destructive behaviours. The most important thing is to convey the message of hope that people can and do recover, and to do that under an overarching spirit of unconditional love and compassion.

As well as treatment to get to the heart  of the problem  and deal with the symptoms of addiction we place strong emphasis on peer-based recovery support and the contribution of family members and friends to help the person build a meaningful life, realise their hopes and dreams, and contribute positively to society.

These methods provide the dependant person with the on-going support, after-care and skills that are essential in order to achieve and maintain long-term recovery.
So, come along and join us!

Learn how to help others by becoming an effective Recovery Coach.

For more information or to start a new Reaching Out Workshop, please contact the Living Room Cardiff on 029 2030 2100

Am fwy o fanylion neu i ddechrau gweithdy Estyn Llaw o’r newydd cysylltwch Stafell Fyw Caerdydd ar 029 2030 2100

To attend one of the seminars please contact Carol Hardy via carolhardy2013@yahoo.com or 029 2030 2100 / 029 2049 3895




Getting the help you need

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