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  Active approach towards recovery    

In your recovery, we believe in the collaborative process, where you direct your own recovery journey and we come alongside you to help you achieve your goals. With regards to your recovery you can be active in many ways:

It is always helpful to be well-informed and educated about your condition as this enables you to make informed decisions.

  • You can begin by finding out as much information as possible about the physical, as well as psychological impact of addiction not only on your life, but also the lives of others and close family members
  • Active approach also means asking others for help when you need it If you attend mutual aid meetings and support groups, it is suggested that you attend regularly. Recovery needs consistent and ongoing support. Stick-to-itiveness is the secret.
  • Find out about local organisations that can offer you support if you’re ever in a crisis.
  • Try to network and socialise with people that understand and positively support your recovery. Don’t go to wet places if you can avoid it and don’t mix with the old crowd. Remember: if you visit the hairdresser often enough you’ll end up having a hair cut!

    Positive thinking
  • Get involved in activities that you enjoy and find fulfilling
  • Try something new, or get involved in the creative arts and express yourself
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