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The thin line between joy and sorrow at heart of Christmas Prayer
24 November 2014

As pressures mount on the world’s economies it is all too easy to forget what impact global macro policies can have on the micro lives of every man and woman on the street. The annual Christmas Prayer from Living Room Cardiff highlights the need to pray for those individuals struggling to make ends meet at a time of great financial and social uncertainty, tempted to turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain.

We remember this year the homeless and the refugees, especially those who shelter in centres in arid deserts in the Middle East. Others will live in fear of being infected by the Ebola virus and see every social engagement as a risk of facing death.

Written by the Rev. Denzil John, the Living Room Cardiff Christmas Prayer reminds people of the Centre’s important role as a warm and welcoming refuge from the world outside for those who enter its doors.

Wynford Ellis Owen. Chief Executive, Living Room Cardiff, said, “Christmas 2014 will be particularly difficult for many individuals and families across Wales and our troubled world; this year’s prayer is a reflection of all that is facing modern society.

“Uncertainty in all our lives makes us vulnerable to stress and turning a blind eye is not the answer. We must confront our fears rather than expecting to find the answer at the bottom of an empty bottle of wine or in a packet of cigarettes. When times are hard, this is even more the case. However, the prayer is one of hope and the Living Room Cardiff is a positive response to very difficult and deep seated issues at the heart of our society.”

Clive Wolfendale, Chair of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive of CAIS, Living Room Cardiff’s parent company added, ““We offer this seasonal prayer as a reflection on the wider context of our work. Our purpose to bring inner peace to individuals in a world that increasingly challenges that mission”.

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