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Living Room Cardiff Love & Forgiveness Retreat
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  What exactly do we mean by recovery?    

Stafell Fyw Caerdydd/Living Room Cardiff creates a safe, non-judgmental space to provide all who ask with opportunities and choices to begin or deepen their journey of recovery, wholeness, and healing from addiction.

What does recovery mean?
Recovery and the recovery model In recent years, experts have recognised the need to change the way that we help people overcome serious substance use problems. Recovery has become a guiding principle and society is beginning to learn from the many people who have recovered from addiction. A transformation of systems of care is underway, shifting away from systems based on pathology to ones that promote wellness and recovery.

Personal recovery from alcohol and drug problems has been defined as a process of change through which an individual achieves abstinence, improved health, wellness, and quality of life. The recovery model differs from the medical model, on which much of addiction treatment is currently based, in that it emphasizes empowerment of the person, the importance of peer support, and involvement of family members in helping the person find recovery. It focuses on strengths and assets of a person, not their weaknesses and deficits, and goes beyond symptom management. Recovery is about people (re)building meaningful and valued lives, where they can realize their aspirations, be treated with respect and dignity, and contribute to society.




Getting the help you need

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